Igor Simic
7 years ago

Codecanyon sMapCC help

sMapCC is a Google maps Wordpress plugin which can be used to show route to location defined in WP environment . Best use is to show users how to reach you by choosing different route types: walk, bicycle, car and train/local public transport. Example can be tested here and link for purchase can be found here.

This the list of common problems that can be experienced by using this plugin:

1 Map is loaded but autocomplete list and route calculation are not working
  • check the console, most likely you are loading Google maps API twice on same page. Once with sMapCC and probably some other WP plugin is loading the Google Maps API one more time and Google does not like this. So if you see this message in your console double check loading of Google maps:
    "You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors."
    So, to fix this problem try to disable any plugin which could be loading one more instance of Google Maps on same page where you are using sMapCC.

    Google Maps API loaded multiple times on same page

2. My location button does not work
  • if "Locate me" button (next to search field) does not work, check is your page on HTTPS protocol. If your page does not have SSL certificate  Google will not provide with these feature, you can read more here

    Geolocation button