Igor Simic
5 years ago

Symfony bin/console commands

My collection of useful Symfony bin/console commands. Very handy when working with doctrine, starting serve, deleting caches....


  • Migrations
  • // make migration - it will crate migration files
    bin/console make:migration 
    // it will execute migration files and update DB
    bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
    // roll back migration - find the migration file number in src/Migrations and use it (in example 20181031144225)
    bin/console doctrine:migrations:execute --down 20181031144225
  • Entities
  • // make user entity in default folder
    bin/console make:entity User
    // make User entity in specific folder
    bin/console make:entity FolderName\\User
  • // clear cache
     bin/console cache:clear
    // start server
    bin/console server:run
    // show routes
    bin/console debug:router
    // make User with entity and auth componenet
    bin/console make:user
    // make controller
    bin/console make:controller